Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Facebook support for 360 photos coming very soon!

Facebook has had support for 360 videos for a while now, but had no native support for 360 photos.  However, according to Slashgear, Facebook will be adding support for 360 photos very soon:

"Facebook 360 Photos will arrive in the next few weeks, supporting uploading a 360 or panoramic image from a smartphone or 360-degree camera like Samsung's Gear 360 or Ricoh's Theta S. That content can be viewed by dragging the photo around with a finger or mouse, or - if you're using the Facebook mobile app - by tilting your phone around.
If you have Gear VR, though, you'll be able to load the image and move your head to look around it."

This is fantastic news and will further increase the momentum for 360 / VR photos and videos.

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