Monday, April 18, 2016

YouTube Adds 360 Livestreaming and Spatial Audio

YouTube will be adding 360 livestreaming, starting with a 360 livestream of selected performances at the Coachella music festival this weekend (April 22).

YouTube is also adding spatial audio to its on-demand videos. "Just as watching a concert in 360 degrees can give you an unmatched immersive experience, spatial audio allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance and intensity all play a role," says Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan.  For example if a saxophone player is on the left, turning to face the sax will make it sound like it's coming from the center instead.

Here is a playlist of some videos with spatial audio (at this time, it appears that only Android devices are supported).

YouTube is working with software companies to add support for spatial audio and 360 livestreaming.

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