Thursday, April 21, 2016

You can now preorder the Samsung Gear 360 in the US

At least one US retailer is now allowing preorders for the Samsung Gear 360.  Adorama is allowing orders for the Samsung Gear 360 for $399.99.  The price is higher than the price previously shown on B&H's website of $350 (which has since been removed), and is higher than the MSRP in Korea (approximately $350).

It is not yet confirmed whether the US retail price will be $350 or $400, and it is not known whether Adorama will do a price match if the MSRP is lower than $400.  It is also not known what Adorama would do if the price turns out to be higher (will it cancel the preorders?).

NOTE: Please note that Samsung said that the Gear 360 app (required for controlling the Gear 360 camera) is compatible with only some high-end Samsung phones.

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