Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Facebook Surround 360 captures 3D 360 Video in 8k

Facebook announced their Surround 360 camera, which can capture 360-degree video in 3D and with 8k resolution. 

The Surround 360 uses 17 cameras - 14 arranged radially on a single plane, one camera aimed upward and two aimed downward. 

Facebook is not selling the camera and instead wants to release the designs as open-source. Facebook said it cost $30,000 to buy the materials for the camera. 

For consumers interested in a 360-degree 3D camera, FYI the Vuze Camera, which captures 3D 360 videos in 4k, will soon be available for preorder, and it fortunately will cost only a fraction of the Surround 360.

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