Thursday, April 14, 2016

Edit 360 Videos with 360VR Toolbox

One of the challenges ​for producing 360-degree content, especially 360 videos, is the dearth of editing tools.  Dashwood has created the 360VR Toolbox, a plugin for Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects, and Apple's Motion and Final Cut Pro.

The plugin gives authors several useful tools for 360 videos:
- output 360 degree videos into 2D or 3D
- reorient equirectangular sources on x, y, z axis to level the horizon or align scenes
- place 2d elements (such as logos) on the 360 video; use with After Effects' clone stamp to clone out the tripod
- view results with Oculus in realtime.

The 360VR Toolbox is currently in public beta, during which you can download a trial version, which is functional but will add a watermark.

Meanwhile, a few other apps are beginning to support 360 video editing.  Adobe Premiere Pro will add a VR workflow "later this year."  The Samsung Gear 360 and Vuze Camera will include their own full-featured video editing software.

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