Saturday, December 3, 2016

NFL to be broadcast in VR but only for Samsung Gear VR

Four NFL games will be shown in VR and you'll be able to watch them for free but only if you have the Samsung Gear VR (reviewed here).

Interview with Mark Marano, a pioneer of little planet time lapse videos

photos by Mark Marano

     Mark Marano is a prolific photographer who has been taking 360-degree photos for more than a decade, and he has captured among the first, if not the first, little planet time lapse videos since 2010, before the advent of 360 cameras such as the Ricoh Theta in 2013.
     In this post, I asked Mark about his perspective on the longevity of 360 photography.  He also provides advice for photographers who want to explore 360 photos and videos.

Friday, December 2, 2016

DEALS: Samsung Gear 360 (with US warranty) on sale for $299

The Samsung Gear 360 (reviewed here) is still the most affordable 4k 360 camera, and now you can get for even less at Amazon and B&H Photo.  Regularly $349, it is currently on sale for $299.  This is for the US version with warranty, not the gray market import version.
- Amazon $299.99
- B&H Photo $299.99.
I don't know how long these sale prices will last.

4k @ 60 fps indoor lighting 360 videos from the Z Cam S1

Here's a new indoor lighting sample from the Z Cam S1, a high-resolution 360 camera capable of video at up to 6k 30fps or 4k 60fps.  The sample here is at 4k 60 fps.

UPDATE: added another indoor video.

DEALS: LG 360 Cam for $99.99 at DailySteals

If you missed the Amazon lightning deal on the LG 360 Cam, you can still get it for $99.99 from DailySteals here, a 50% discount from its $199 MSRP.  Here is my review of the LG 360 Cam.

Thanks to Jim Jensen of the Google+ Photo Sphere Community for bringing this to my attention!

Rumor: patent reveals positional tracking plus face- and eye-tracking for Samsung Gear VR

The next Samsung Gear VR may have not only positional tracking and but also face- and eye-tracking features not found even on current desktop VR systems, according to a Samsung patent found by

Review: Koroao lens cap for Ricoh Theta

This inexpensive accessory could save your Ricoh Theta's lenses from scratches.