Tuesday, January 17, 2017

O4 by 720VV is a 6k 360 camera with realtime stitching and livestreaming

The O4 is a 360 camera with 6k resolution, with realtime stitching and livestreaming up to 4k.

Low light shots from Ricoh Theta S and Nikon Keymission 360

Here are a couple of low light photos from the Ricoh Theta S and Nikon Keymission 360.

Hubblo VR teaser videos

Many readers are interested in Hubblo VR (hands-on here), a 4k 3D 360 camera with livestreaming and realtime stitching.  Hubblo will be launching on Indiegogo soon but in the meantime they posted a couple of teaser videos.

Dreams of "O" is a new underwater 360 video by Felix and Paul

Felix and Paul Studios are raising the ante with an underwater 360 video based on Cirque du Soleil's "O."

Crowdfunding campaign for MySight360 will be finishing soon

MySight360, a 4k lifelogging camera with impressive image stabilization, has been successfully funded, and its crowdfunding campaign is concluding in a couple of days.  Here are some updates since I originally posted about MySight360.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Polaroid R360 may be the most affordable spherical 360 camera

The Polaroid R360 is a fully spherical 360 camera that is being crowdfunded at 699 yuan (around US$100).

Samsung Gear 360 stitcher and 360 video editor for the Mac

Muvee just launched a 360 video stitcher for the Mac, which can stitch Samsung Gear 360 videos and trim videos losslessly, and will add video editing features in the future.